Monday, 10 March 2014

Beautiful work by theFOXnFAWN

I came across this beautiful work on Etsy and had to share it with you! Suzette makes these beautiful Decorative Woodburned Monogram Plaques that you can order from her Etsy store. She says "I have been creating ever since childhood. From drawing to sewing and almost everything in-between, I have always loved experimenting. Making things by hand is cathartic for me and sharing it with others brings me immense happiness. Have a beautiful monogram woodburned plaque made just for you or for someone special! Depending on the initial(s) and/or name(s) and the date, this could be a truly unique gift for either a newly married couple, a new baby, a child, etc. "

My greatest passion in life is to create things by hand. And knowing my work is enjoyed by others is flattering and makes me beyond happy. For many years I have wanted to fully invest my time into creating an online shop, but have not truly had the time to until now. I just graduated from art college and want to see if I can be successful at supporting myself with my art. I hope I can, because creating to me is like breathing; it is essential and brings me more peace and joy than words can describe."

All images © theFOXnFAWN

The woodland pattern burned into the pictured plaques are inspired by Scandinavian folk art and it takes two weeks to make a custom commission! They will have hardware on the back so it will be ready to hang. I couldn't think of something more beautiful to have in a home...

You can see more of Suzette's work on her website, follow her Pinterest boards find her Etsy store here